Thank you to our colleagues at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics and Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. for their efforts in making this collection possible. We also wish to thank the team at the Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library, the staff at NYU Digital Library Technology Services, and the editors at HemiPress. Our most sincere thanks to the artists, curators, and galleries who granted us permission to include their invaluable artworks in this collection. A special thank you to the following individuals for their support: Diana Taylor, Marcial Godoy-Anativia, Michael Stoller, Marvin Taylor, Zeb Tortorici, Macarena Gómez-Barris, Andrew W. Barnes, Jennifer Miller, Michael Katchen, and Jenny Korns. Additional thanks to Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Leticia Robles-Moreno, Jehan Roberson, Alexei Taylor, Julie Tolentino, Thomas J. Lax, Hentyle Yapp, Michelle Caswell, Anne Gilliland, Marika Cifor, Kathy Carbone, Sur Rodney (Sur), Karen Finley, Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver, Ricardo Dominguez, Camille F. Forbes, Kim Schwenk, Ariel Goldberg, Kahlil Chaar-Pérez, Tara Hart, Ethan Shoshan, and Alexander Kohnke.

Martha Wilson & Oraison H. Larmon